How it works

We take your transaction data…

…run it through our platform…

…and return the mathematical optimal encoding of customer, item, date, time etc…






…which can be used to answer use cases like

Optimal Market Segmentation

Traditionally businesses created customer segments from experience and intuition and then placed each customer into a pre-defined mould.

Now businesses can have the ability to use data to let the customers themselves tell the business which segments they should be divided into. Thereby, each segment can be much better served.

Audience Affinity Discovery

Flowing from optimal market segmentation, audience affinity can in turn be gauged much faster and more accurately. As a result, the business can be rapidly positioned to service their previously undiscovered needs and wants.

Results can be used on a macro level for…

Improved Marketing Targeting

Optimized Production

Improved Inventory Management

Optimized Pricing Strategy

Improved Logistics Management

…or on a consumer level for

Product or Service Recommendations

Most Similar Customers

Customer Behavior