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Performance statistics

139 000 Leads Generated
1 020 000 Clicks Sold
$30 000 000 Revenue Generated for Customers

About us

We at Xineoh specialize in the application of mathematical modeling and machine learning to ad technology. We have successfully created several products utilising these expertise.

Our background is in e-commerce, where we are one of the largest affiliates for some of the world's leading e-commerce sites. So far, we have used our technology to generate over $ 30 000 000 in revenue for our customers and over $ 2 500 000 for our own business.

Vian and his team joined a start-up as co-founding CTO, in 2013. This start-up was venture backed by Move Inc. In 2014 Vian and the engineering team left the start-up and founded Xineoh. Xineoh focusses its expertise on bringing cutting edge ad technology to its clients in the real estate industry.

What makes our ad tech great?

Highly automated marketing processes

By creating highly optimised applications we can drive down costs freeing up economic value.

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Mathematical understanding of advertisement auctions

Xineoh specializes in the utilisation of mathematical modeling to help our customers get the most out of online marketing.

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Scientific approach to optimization

We utilise proper statistical methodologies to ensure optimal outcomes.

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Precision audience targeting

Available data is growing exponentially. We utilise machine learning and data processing to find the most profitable market niches.

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Our products

Mortgage Marketing Solutions - Take control of growing your business

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Exponential growth for your business

  • You can get thousands of visits to your web page and hundreds of new clients.
  • The clients who reach you are eager to get financing.
  • You have the potential of a high ROI.
  • Generate your own business, no more waiting for real estate agents to refer clients to you.
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No barriers to entry

  • We have no fixed-term contracts.
  • Cancel your campaign anytime, with only 48 hours notice.
  • You get free basic client relationship management software.
  • Our fully automated marketing platform makes it easy for you to manage your campaigns.
  • We have risk free terms.
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World class online advertising specialists

  • We have over 7 years experience in online marketing for retailers like eBay and Amazon.
  • We have a proven track record of marketing excellence.
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100% RESPA, NMLS & FTC Compliant

  • Our marketing solutions are transparent.
  • Our advertising practices are in line with current regulations.
  • We are serious about protecting our clients.
  • We stay on top of regulation changes to stay compliant at all times.

Custom Specification

We also build custom products to any ad tech requirement.

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The team and our office


Do you want to solve interesting problems?

If the answer is yes, a career at Xineoh is your ticket to the game. We'll put you in the frontline of developing technology that is shaping the future.

That's because at Xineoh, we specialise in providing machine learning solutions for a range of applications.

Our growth trajectory means you can get in early and be a part of a local company with global aspirations, making the world your oyster.

We are the best and we are looking for the best to join us in our mission to improve the world, by solving problems.

We are hiring:

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We are currently looking for a C# or Java Intermediate Developer / Software Engineer to join our team The right fit will be someone who shares our enthusiasm for technology and success. You will get to work with our team of talent developers and build a new system that streamlines an entire business.

Job Skills:
Generally, we are looking for an intelligent and reliable professional developers that have a passion for technology. You will receive clear guidance on business goals and see immediate results from your work. You will enjoy working with intelligent and driven colleagues, and you should be the type of person who enjoys and contributes to that intensity. You will have ample opportunity to develop your own ideas and designs. Specifically, qualified candidates are expected to bring:

  • A deep understanding of software development and programming
  • Programming (at least 3 years' experience)
  • C# or Java experience (at least 2 years' experience)
  • ASP or Spring framework (at least 2 years' experience)
  • SQL (at least 2 years' experience)
  • Node.js (Angular, Backbone or Ember js. At least 1 years' experience)
  • Git experience
  • Understanding of Object Orientated programming
  • Understanding of Threading
  • Understanding of REST and RESTful web services
  • Understanding of SOAP services
  • Understanding of design patterns and how to apply them
  • Good communication skills
  • Candidates must be eligible to live and work in the Bloemfontein area. Relocation Assistance is negotiable
  • This is not an Employment Equity position and all candidates that meet the requirements for this position will be considered

Job Environment:
You will work in a small, collaborative environment with other seasoned professionals and with the direct support of management. This is an outstanding opportunity to see your creations immediately embraced by a large community of users as you enjoy being part of a stable and supportive work environment. Please send an email with CV to apply.

Contact us


Telephone: +1 (866) 972-1122

Physical address: Suite 1240, 1140 West Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6E 4G1, Canada

South Africa:

Telephone: +27 (051) 430-9047

Physical address: 18 Westdene Centre, 3 Reid Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein

Leave us a message and we will be in contact shortly.

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